Small steps lead to big strides in the St. James Preschool Turtle classroom, for our youngest children (ages 2 to 3). Free exploration and open-ended activities are the key.

Within this environment, Turtle teachers patiently yet progressively cultivate social development, foster self-control, and initiate basic skill acquisition.

Washing hands, taking turns, cleaning up toys, recognizing emotions, imaginary play, care, empathy towards others, and, yes, potty training. 

Turtle Class Schedule
Options: Tuesday & Thursday or
Monday, Wednesday, Friday or
Monday through Friday with Extended Day

Class Hours: 8:45–11:30am

Extended Day Hours: Drop off begins at 8am, pick up by 5:30pm

Teacher-Student Ratio
2 teachers for 9 children

“As a dad, I wasn’t exactly sure what to make of preschool for our two-year-old. What I found was an amazing group of families, all woven together by their children with an abundance of care and love by the teachers. Everyone pitches in, we all have a great time, and the kids clearly love the results!”
Former St. James Parent