St. James Preschool community is made up of fun and engaging people, who like to provide opportunities to get together and enjoy each others’ company. Here are just some of the many organized social events.

Park playdates and picnics

Weekend playdates are hosted four times a year by volunteer parents at a local playground. The whole school is invited for coffee, bagels, light refreshments, and free play. At the end of every school year, families meet-up at a beach-side picnic spot for a blow-out potluck with lawn games and grilled food. One of the highlights of the year that even alums like to attend.

Special community events

From bike-to-school days to outdoor movie nights, St. James families love to find ways to bring families together, strengthen bonds, and share common interests. Every year there is something different, like a visit to a family friendly winery, a guided tour of the botanical gardens, or an overnight camping trip.

Cocktail parties and parents night out

At the beginning of every year, a parent from each class hosts their fellow classroom parents, teachers, and the director for a cocktail/dinner party. It’s a great way to get to know each other outside of school. Every few months there is an evening where just moms, dads, or parents get together for an evening out. Usually held at a local bar, restaurant, or family home, the nights provide a great chance for parents to catch up. 

Spring Gala (April)

Our biggest social event of the year! The SJP Gala will be an opportunity for us all to celebrate another year and reminisce about how much our kids have grown over just a few short months. There will be dinner, drinks, some games, and a few speeches. It’s a night we all look forward to. There may be a raffle or some count-me-ins, but will be primarily a social event and a celebration of our community.

"Even as a full-time working mom, SJP helped me feel really connected to my son and to the school community through weekly email classroom updates and a wide variety of night and weekend activities for the whole family. I’m so impressed at how organized the school is!”
Former St. James Parent