PreK children are passionate about learning. Our teachers are passionate about their craft. In this year, we introduce “content time,” when teachers specializing in subjects like math, science, and literacy work with our students within a more structured yet fun environment.

During the course of the year after careful observation, preK teachers initiate a “project,”  based on the children’s emerging interests. These projects can last as long as a month and incorporate all areas of curriculum and participation from the school community.

Rabbit Class Schedule
Monday through Friday, 8:30am–1:00pm; until 3:00pm on Fridays

Extended Day Hours
Drop off begins at 8am, pick up by 5:30pm

Teacher-Student Ratio 
2 teachers for 16 children


"Where did the last 3 years go? Well, clearly it went towards Bella becoming the dynamic, sassy, and caring child she is today. A big part of the credit for that goes to St. James. We’ve always believed that we’re a combination of both seed and soil, so what better place to plant toddlers and watch them grow into something magical."
St. James Parent