We recognize that many San Francisco families have dual-working parents with varying schedules. St. James Preschool has you covered with Afternoons in the Den. This optional extended day program is a mixed-age “family style” grouping, with children ages 2 to 5.

While the program has its own routines (nap/rest, snack, circle, story time, outside play, activity time), children can also work on projects that emerge from their morning activities.

Extended day schedule
Tuesdays and Thursdays,
or Monday Wednesday Friday,
or Monday thru Friday

Drop off as early as 8:00am
Pick-up by 5:30pm

Teacher-student ratio
2 to 3 teachers for 12-22 children

"We both have demanding full-time jobs, so our daughter spends most of her day at school. When we were choosing a preschool, it felt as though we were choosing an extension of our family — a tough task. A few months in, she was as comfortable in her classrooms as in our living room, and felt lucky to have extra time there. When we're at work, we have peace of mind knowing she's happy and growing together with her St. James family."
St. James Parent