St. James Preschool thrives in part due to the generous and dedicated fundraising at the school. The community finds creative ways to raise money relying on time, resources, and talents to make sure that everyone can contribute in their own way. Funds raised are used for school wide projects, professional development for teachers, and to allow us to offer enrichment programming to all children at no extra fee.

Spring Gala

Our major fundraiser is the annual Spring Gala, which involves games of chance, community-oriented count-me-ins, and a boisterous live auction. Parents volunteer to solicit donations, but can also give of their time and skills to help plan our largest party of the year.

Book Fair

The annual SJP Book Fair at Books Inc. in Laurel Village is a fun and festive shopping night with food and drink, and readings for the children. Portions of the sales are donated to St. James Preschool.

Wine Raffle

Just in time for the holidays, raffle tickets are sold each year with the winner taking home dozens of bottles of great wine. Use the link below to take part in this year’s raffle.

“It’s not hyperbole to say that St. James is a second home to my family. Our eldest son, who graduated from the school more than 4 years ago, still likes to come with me to pick up his brother so he can grab a hug from his former teachers. Because of the special role that St. James plays in our lives, choosing to devote our charitable dollars to the school was one of the easiest choices we’ve ever had to make.”
St. James Parent