As you can see, St. James Preschool teachers reflect the rich diversity of San Francisco. The average teacher tenure is 8 years. Our teachers are dedicated to the school; and the school is dedicated to our teachers.

“What I love about SJP is the way my daughter peeks through the windows in the school in the morning, eager to see her teachers and classmates. I love the nurturing bond that’s developed between the teachers and her – she spontaneously hugs the teachers. That tells me there is a loving bond there. What better place to start learning?” Claire, parent

As a professional team, we are committed, hard-working Jacks and Jills of the teaching trade. Each classroom has two teachers, and each teacher knows each and every St. James Preschool child. If you’re looking for a preschool where the teachers will truly individualize an education for each student, you’ve come to the right place.