St. James Preschool continues to thrive because of the generous and dedicated fundraising at the school. With the funds raised in 2013, we are sending our teachers to national and regional education conferences. The community finds creative ways to raise money relying on time, resources and talents to make sure that everyone can help contribute in their own way. There are plenty of ways to give and get involved.

Annual Spring Gala

Our major fundraiser for the year comprises live, silent, and online auctions. Volunteers help find donations, but can also give of their time and skills to help raise money.

Clothes-Go-Round Sale

At this fall fundraiser, parents sell their childrens’ gently used clothes, shoes, costumes and strollers to the community.

Wine Raffle

Just in time for the holidays, raffle tickets are sold each year with the winning prizes being 12 bottles of great wine.

Shopping Nights

These are nights hosted by outside retailers, where food, drink and occasionally entertainment is provided for all who come. Portions of the sales are donated to St. James Preschool. Shopping nights have taken place at Mabel Chong, Taylor Stitch, and Books Inc.